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Laughlin / Swierczek Wedding

April 9, 2017

Saturday of Lent 5                      Trinity Lutheran Church

8 April 2017                                 Murdock, NE

+ Jesu Juva +

Wedding of Cari Laughlin & Jason Swierczek

Wow! Isn’t this wonderful? It sure is! So exciting. Very good! Just like in the beginning with Adam and Eve. It wasn’t good for man to be alone. So the Lord created Eve from Adam’s side and gave her to him. Husband. Wife. Holy Marriage! It’s for a man and a woman. Just the way the Lord intended.

So here we are today. The Lord is pleased. This is very good. Another wedding. Cari’s and Jason’s. No. Check that. Holy marriage doesn’t belong to you two. It doesn’t belong to any of us. It’s the Lord’s. He gives it to us to use properly.

Now you’re getting quite nervous, aren’t you? You’re all squirming in your seats, right? Why? Well, not only did Cari and Jason ask Kuhlman to preach (as if that isn’t scandalous enough) but mainly it is because you all believe – you all categorically consider and infallibly infer – that marriage totally belongs to you. That you own it like it’s you own personal possession.

Clearly, when you believe that, then you think you can do anything you want with marriage. However, that’s a huge mistake. No wonder our country and our lives are in such shambles. Seriously. Let’s learn differently today. Let’s begin to live repentantly and trust that holy marriage is a gift from the Lord and it is to be used according to His Word and His will. FOR OUR BENEFIT! FOR OUR GOOD!

Marital living as husband and wife consists of faith toward Jesus who died for you. Can’t ever live in holy marriage as if you don’t need Jesus. You need Jesus. Every day. As the Savior of sinners that He is. You will sin against each other. Unintentionally. Intentionally. You know that. So, you must have good use of Jesus and the Good Friday forgiveness that He won for you on the cross. The pillow talk of: “I love you,” is very important for a marriage. However, the salvific talk of: “I forgive you,” is just as vital. For in those words Jesus mediates. He forgives. His blood covers and cleanses you from your sin against each other.

Jason, your wedding gift to Cari is your promise to exercise husbandly headship. Today, the Lord authorizes you to be the head of this marriage. Such headship or authority is to … love Cari. To live totally for her. To serve her. To care for her. Just as Christ “loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Jesus went all in for His bride the church. Died for her. Took the bullet for her. Calvary. So too you Jason. Today, you’re promising Cari that you’re all in FOR HER! For better for worse. For richer for poorer.  In sickness and in health. That you’ll be faithful to her. Entirely!

That’s precisely why Cari steps up to the plate today and promises to be wife to Jason. That’s her gift to this marriage. She will be the body of this marriage. She promises to receive his love. To relish it. To be a helper. For better for worse. For richer for poorer. In sickness and in health.

Just like St. Paul says: “Wives, submit to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.” Don’t panic! All that means is that Cari will order her life as wife to Jason. That’s all. She will be wife to and for him — for life. Like God intended from the beginning when He gave Eve to Adam as a helper. Cari “respects” a man who will love her just like Christ loves His bride the church. That’s a guy any woman would want! Too late ladies! Cari already nabbed him. So, all you single gals need to ask God to give you a man like that and then purposely look for one. Seriously!

Well, Cari and Jason, we are all thrilled that the Lord has good creaturely use of you to be husband and wife for the sake of each other’s benefit. God willing, there will be further good use of you as Dad and Mom. Living the life of sacrificial love for your children. That too is very God pleasing. It goes all the way back to the beginning. The “very good” of the Lord’s creation.

Cari and Jason, since Holy Marriage is the Lord’s very good astonishing gift to you, enjoy it. Work hard at it. Tend it. Nourish it. Fertilize it. Weed it. Water it. Relish the fruit that comes from it. Have a wonderful time in the rough and tumble estate of holy marriage. It is not easy. But what is? Trust the Lord. Make good use of His forgiveness for Jesus’ sake by eating and drinking His body and blood regularly in the Lord’s Supper. Be marriage lifers. After all, the Lord loves it. He created it. He promises to bless you in it as you eagerly desire to live in holy marriage according to His Word and will.

We’re all rooting for you. Praying for you. When you need some advice, there’s always Grandpa Reinke. You know what he’ll do? He’ll farm out the marriage advice to Kuhlman. And me? Well, I work for the Lord. So all you’ll get from me is what the Lord says about holy marriage. Nothing better than that, right? Absolutely. So I’ll leave the light on for you. Wink. Wink.

Happy Wedding Day Cari and Jason!

In the Name of Jesus.



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