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Your Sins Belong to Jesus Not You!

December 18, 2016


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Fourth Sunday in Advent            Trinity Lutheran Church

18 December 2016                        Murdock, NE


+ Jesu Juva +


St. Matthew 1:21


Let’s not mess around this morning. Get right to the heart of it. Don’t you agree? Sure. You’ve got me on the clock already. So here we go.


“You are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their … SINS.”


Well, when you’re saved from your … SINS then that means you are a … sinner who has … yes, that’s right … SIN! You are not the exception. You are a sinner. You sin. It’s an all- inclusive club that leaves no one out. Includes such famous folks as with Adam and Eve. Noah. Abraham. Moses. King David. Isaiah. Matthew, Peter, James and John. Mary, Joseph, etc. You’re not left out. You’ve joined that club. You wanted in. You know how it is with wanting to go with the crowd. Consequently, “the wages of sin is death,” (Romans 6:23). That’s a hellacious death. A damnable death. A forevermore or never-ending separation from God.


Sinners all original-ed and damn-ed up with their sin and members of Club Sin can’t save themselves. Many have tried. In fact, they try really hard. Give it their all. But that doesn’t work. The spiritually dead are dead. Dead as dead can be. Dead can pretend to be alive but that doesn’t change the situation.


So what to do? That’s a great question. The answer is: NOTHING! Sinners chock full of sin desperately need the divine Savior. And that’s little Baby Jesus. Yes, the divine Child Jesus does it all. FOR YOU! Born of the Virgin Mary He pulls off the Immanuel! He is God with us in backwoods Bethlehem so that He can Good Friday-ly die on the wood or tree of the cross. FOR YOU the eternally begotten Son of the Father enfleshes Himself.


So Joseph is instructed to give the Child the name Jesus “because he will save his people from their SINS.”


Yes, the Baby saves. “Salvation is the Lord’s,” Psalm 3:8 teaches. Well, take a good look at the Infant in Mary’s lap. Have another gander at the Infant nursing at her breast. The Baby is the Lord. And salvation is His – FOR HIM TO GIVE! TO SINNERS! The Baby is what His name says. “Jesus” is the Greek of the Hebrew Yeshua that literally means, “God- Saves.” So the Baby Jesus is God. The only God. God with us. And He does what God with us does: save.   Save sinners from the damnation of their sins.


He does that beginning with His birth all the way to His dying on Good Friday’s cross. Hanging there He is numbered with the transgressors. The sin of the world is laid on Him. Your sin too. He who knew no sin was made to be sin. Consequently, as He bears all sin for every sinner in His body He was made to be a curse. In other words: damned to hell. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). This is how Jesus / Immanuel saves His people and you from their sins.


The world’s salvation – your salvation – depends on Jesus taking all your and taking all its hellacious consequences. If He doesn’t do that all your sin and all its damnation remain on you. So Jesus sent me to give you sinners good news. I’m here to tell you that your sins don’t belong to you anymore. Jesus took them. He answered for them. He’s buried them in the black hole of His grave. He doesn’t count them against you because all your sin was counted against Him as He died on the cross.


That’s His promise. Really it is! He promises. Every time you go to the Lord’s Supper Bethlehem-Immanuel-Good Friday-Easter Sunday-Ascended-Jesus promises it anew: given and shed FOR YOU for the forgiveness of your sins.


He truly is JESUS. He definitively saves His people – He emphatically saves you – FROM YOUR SINS.


That’s the heart of it. It doesn’t get any better than that. No not because the is sermon today is shorter than normal, but because of the message is so exquisite – the preaching of Jesus who gives His people knowledge of salvation IN THE FORGIVENESS OF THEIR SINS (Luke 1:76-77)! No messing around here at Trinity.


Have a Happy Christmas!


In the Name of Jesus.


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