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Treasuring and Pondering the Christ Child

December 25, 2015


The Nativity of Our Lord                                  Trinity Lutheran Church

24 December 2015                                             Murdock, NE


+Jesu Juva +


Luke 2:19 “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”


Like Mary, there are many things for you to treasure and ponder tonight as well. I say that because we all have become so decadent, so self-absorbed, so curved on ourselves that I wonder if we really hear the gospel at all. The children will tell the story in just a few minutes. They get it? Do you?


So I will preach it to you too. It’s time to have ears to hear. What are you given to treasure and ponder? It is this.


God, who holds the universe in His hand is cradled in the arms of His virgin mother.


God, whose divine essence no man can touch is wrapped in swaddling cloths.


God, who gives food to the hungry and seed to the sower is fed on milk from His mother Mary’s breast.


The fullness of God deigns to dwell in the infant Baby Jesus.


The eternal Word of God becomes human flesh and blood.


The Creator becomes the creature in order TO SAVE YOU FROM YOUR SINS and give you heaven.


You too must follow the lead of Mary’s example of treasuring and keeping the Christmas miracle in your hearts. If this wonderful birth, the sermon of the angel, the hymn of the heavenly host, the joy of the shepherds does not find its way into your hearts, it is all for nothing. Unless the Christ Child is born in you and you in Him through faith, not just today but everyday, you will be lost forever, doomed, damned in your sin.


I’m here to tell you that Jesus came to save you from sin, death and from hell. His birth foreshadows His death. Christmas and Easter come together as one. With the manger crib comes the cross.


He was born during the reign of Caesar Augustus so that He would be crucified under Pontius Pilate.


He was born a tender Lamb, so that He would be God’s Lamb, the Sacrifice that takes away the sin of the world.


He was born in earthly poverty so that all who trust in Him would be rich in heavenly treasure.


He was born of Mary so that we might be reborn as children of God.


He lay as an infant in the cave of Bethlehem so that He might lay in a tomb to save you from the grave.


He slept on the green wood of the manger so that He would sleep on the dry wood of the cross for your sins.


He was wrapped in swaddling cloths in His birth so that He might be wrapped in burial cloths in His death FOR YOU.


He was worshiped by shepherds and adored by wise men so that heaven and earth would praise Him and all nations would bow down and worship Him.


He came in humility to die so that He would reveal Himself in glory on the Last Day to raise you from your grave.


If you have lived this year, this month, this week, this day as though this Child had never been born, as though God had not taken on our flesh and blood, as though God were not with us …


If you have lived as if you mattered most and this Child of Bethlehem mattered least, then I beg you to make this night a night of repentance and renewal before the Day comes when there are no more days of repentance.


After all, “to you is born in the city of David, a Savior, Christ the Lord.” Treasure and ponder that promise.


Have a blessed Christmas.


In the Name of Jesus.



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