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Baptism of Paisley Mae Platt

February 22, 2015


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First Sunday in Lent                                 Trinity Lutheran Church

22 February 2015                                       Murdock, NE

+ Jesu Juva +
St. Mark 1:9-15

Baptism of Paisley Mae Platt


Isn’t it incredible? In His Jordan-River-Anointed-By-The-Holy-Spirit-To-Be-The-Messiah-Baptism God the Father speaks. The Father preaches a definitive sermon at Jesus’ Jordan River Baptism. It goes like this: “Jesus, You are My Son. I love you and with you I’m most pleased. After all, as My Son I’ve sent you to be the Savior of all sinners. I’ve ordained you to pull off what only you can do. That’s a Very Good – Good Friday. The cross. Where I want you to offer your gushing divine blood from your crucified body as the one and only atoning sacrifice for the sin of the world. Where I will you to be the Sin-Bearer. The Savior of all sinners! Then, your Jordan River Baptism will come to fruition – fulfillment. ”


Straight away, however, the Father’s baptismal YOU ARE MY SON AND SAVIOR OF THE WORLD sermon is put to the test. Jesus is barely out of the river and He’s thrown – hurled — heaved into the wilderness! Incredibly, the Holy Spirit does the throwing! To be tempted. By Satan. Satan tempts Jesus to not trust His Father’s baptism sermon. That His Father is a liar. Can’t be trusted. The devil tempts Jesus to trust his satanic word. And that means being God’s Son minus a Holy Week, a Good Friday and Easter Sunday! That means being the Son of God Jesus without the cross and empty tomb.

This is a huge test. A gargantuan temptation. Be the Son of God but never suffer and die. The exact opposite of His Father’s will and Word preached at His Jordan River Baptism.


Will Son of God Jesus live in and from His baptism in the Jordan? That is to say, will Jesus live according to His Father’s will and Word that He is God the Father’s Son? And as the Father’s Son will He be the Savior of sinners by dying on the cross? Will He carry all the world’s sin that He absorbed into His body at His Jordan River Baptism and take it all the way to Jerusalem in order to answer for the world’s sin fully and completely by His Good Friday death? Will He? Again, will Jesus live in and from His Baptism and remain Savior for sinners?


At stake is your salvation. Paisley’s salvation. The world’s salvation. What will He do? He rebukes Satan. He remains the faithful and obedient Son of the Father. Living in and from His Baptism. Winning and achieving divine victory over Satan and his hellish kingdom: ALL FOR YOU. For your salvation. In His Good Friday death on the cross. Crushing Satan’s head.


Risen from the dead Jesus sees to it that the benefits of His death are delivered to His sinners. Like Paisley Mae. His mandate that all nations be baptized includes Paisley Mae. Frank and Kara heard our Lord’s bidding: “Let the little children come to me. Do not hinder[1] them. I’ve come to be Savior for them too,” (Mark 10:14) and they brought their little girl to Jesus so that He would give her the salvation He won for her and for all on the cross.


To be baptized is salvationly serious. Paisley Mae got in the devil’s face. She renounced the devil and all his ways. She confessed her faith in the one true God: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and then was given that most holy Triune Name in Holy Baptism.   Baptized into Christ’s Good Friday death that forgives all her sin, she has received the Father’s voice of approval: “Paisley Mae, you are my child. I love you. For Jesus’ sake I’m pleased with you.” And she too, in Holy Baptism, has been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life.


Learn then, brothers and sisters, what it means for all of you, like Paisely Mae, what it means to live in and from your Baptism in Christ! Do you know how to live in and from your Baptism? Well, do you? Is that even on your radar screen? Do you ever give it any consideration? It’s time to learn. FROM JESUS!


How you live in and from your Baptism is found in that short sermon that Jesus preaches in the text today. The very first sermon He preached 40 days after His Baptism in the Jordan. It’s the whole point of this season of Lent as well as your entire life: “Repent and believe the gospel!”


There you have it. Repent and believe. That’s how you live in and from your Baptism into Christ. “Repent.” Daily. Daily confess your sin to God. Tell God the truth that you’re a sinner. That you deserve His temporal and eternal punishment because of your sin. Turn your back to the devil’s temptations to sin. Daily turn from your sin.


Consider yourselves “dead to sin” (Romans 6:11) and turn to God daily in faith. “Believe the gospel,” Jesus says. So, believe the good news that Jesus died for you. That He took all your sin in His Body on the cross and atoned for it. Believe the good news that in Holy Baptism Jesus lords His Good Friday death over all your sin, death and Satan. When your sins, the devil or your conscience oppress you, put Jesus and your Baptism into His Good Friday death against all your sin, death and Satan to good use by saying: “Yes, I am a sinner. I have sinned. But Jesus died for me. I am baptized. And if I have been baptized, I have the promise that I shall be saved and have eternal life, both in body and in soul.”


Brothers and sisters, you all want to be faithful Christians. I know you do. You want to be mature Christians. I’m glad for that. Frank and Kara, you want to raise Paisley Mae to be such a Christian. Thanks be to God!


So, to be faithful and mature Christians means that you never move beyond living in and from your Baptism into Christ. That’s the life of daily repenting of your sin – dying to it – and then the life of faith that daily trusts Jesus as the Son of God Savior that He is. The mature Christian is the Christian that daily lives in and from Holy Baptism that is put so briefly but so remarkably by Jesus: “repent and believe the gospel,” especially this gospel promise from Jesus: “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved,” (Mark 16:16).


Paisley Mae and all the baptized gathered here today – may your Baptisms bear much fruit in your life, your families, in our congregation, in our communities and finally come to complete and total fruition with the resurrection of the body and life everlasting.


Happy Baptism Day Paisley Mae!


In the Name of Jesus.






     [1]This Greek verb is connected with Holy Baptism in the New Testament: Acts 8:36; 10:47; 11:17; Matthew 3:14!

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