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The Name: Jesus!

December 11, 2014

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Nativity of Jesus2

Wednesday of Advent 2                                                  Trinity Lutheran Church

10 December 2014                                                           Murdock, NE


+Jesu Juva +


St. Matthew 1:18-25 / “The Name Jesus Because He Will Save His People From Their Sins”


Last Wednesday – we rejoiced that the Baby Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb by the Holy Spirit. Tonight we focus on the Baby’s name: Jesus. “You will give him the name Jesus.”


Do you know what the name Jesus means? Jesus is the Greek translation of the Hebrew, Jeshua or Joshua. Jesus literally means: “God saves!”


So, the little Baby that’s been conceived in Mary’s belly is God Himself. The Second Person of the Holy Trinity. Makes sense! After all, only God can save. Since this Baby is God in the flesh it’s appropriate that His name is Jesus: “God saves.” Just like Psalm 130:8 promises: “He [Yahweh] / [God] himself will redeem Israel from all their sins.”


Did you hear that? Did you hear what Baby God Jesus saves you from? Matthew 1:21 is a reference to Psalm 130:8: “He will save His people from THEIR sins.”


Save His people from THEIR SINS. The sins that are yours! He saves you from your sin!


To be saved from your sins means you’re a sinner. You’ve got a disease. A corruption. A rot. A filth. A gunk. A miserable condition. It’s called: sin. You were born with it. It has been passed down to you from the first sinners – the father and mother of us all: Adam and Eve.


What comes from this inherited or original sin that you have by nature? Well, it includes all the rebellious and evil thoughts, words and deeds that are forbidden in the Ten Commandments. That includes unbelief, false belief, idolatry, not fearing, loving or trusting in God above all things, believing your words are better than God’s, lying, using God’s name to swear falsely, not praying or calling on God’s name, the apathy to God’s Word and His command to go to church to hear His Word preached, disobedience to parents, murder, committing adultery, stealing, ruining reputations, coveting what doesn’t belong to you, etc.


Examine your life according to the Ten Commandments and you’ll soon discover why Baby Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. “To save His people from their sins.” To save you from your sinful condition and all your sins.


Do you really need to be saved from YOUR sins? Yes, you do. And here’s why. It’s because your sin earns a paycheck or a wage. The salary that your sin earns is DEATH! Not just a physical being buried in the ground death but something far worse. Your sinful condition and all your sin merit God’s burning anger and the eternal damnation of hell.


Really? Yes, really! It’s the truth. That’s precisely why Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. That’s exactly why there is a Christmas. A Jesus. Who comes to win your salvation. “To save you from your sins.”


And so He does what it takes to save His people from their sins. He does what is absolutely needed to save you from your sins and their eternal hellacious consequences.


Jesus, who is God in the flesh, takes all your sin away from you. Seriously. He dares to do just that! He then wraps Himself up with all your sin. God Jesus takes all your sin in His Body on the cross. Literally. Truly. Essentially. Bears them. Carries them. Scripture puts it this way: “He who knew no sin was made to be sin.” (2 Corinthians 5) “He was made to be a curse.” (Galatians 3) “Numbered with the transgressors,” or sinners (Isaiah 53).   Hanging on the cross and carrying all your sin in His Body on the cross Jesus is the Sinner. Maximum Sinner! And so God Jesus receives all the red hot anger and He gets damned with all sin and your sin that He’s taken from you and put on Himself.


Now that’s a Savior! Now that’s a He-Will-Save-His-People-From-Their-Sins-Savior. A Jesus! God, doing what it takes to save you.


Oh, yes, in this life you still sin. And many times you do it quite well and you really like to do it. Often you don’t want to but you end up sinning anyway. How true.


And for such sinning and all sin there remains a Someone who was born, lived, died and rose from the grave FOR YOU.   His name? Jesus! Which means “God saves.” Jesus has answered for all your sin! That’s His Good Friday dying.


His Good Friday dying means that you are forgiven. That Jesus doesn’t count any of your sin against you. Because it was all counted against Him on the cross. His blood is divine blood. Shed for you to cleanse you from all sin. His death was God’s death that alone makes the sacrifice to answer for all sin, including yours, as well as the damnation that sin has earned.


Jesus saves. He saves you from your sin. That’s His promise.


In the Name of Jesus.

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