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Passion: The Lord’s Supper

February 20, 2013

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Wednesday of Lent 1                                                                   

20 February 2013


+Jesu Juva +


The Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ:  Who Has Redeemed Me a Lost and Condemned Person


The Lord’s Supper


“You know that . . . the Son of Man will be given over to be crucified.” 


What you confess about Jesus says everything about what you confess about yourself!  Jesus is true God and true man.  Begotten of the Father from eternity.  Born of the Virgin Mary.  As such He is your Lord!  Lord in this way:  “who has redeemed me a lost and condemned person,” (Small Catechism).  This is the biblical theme for this Lent.  A most edifying Lent!  A Lord Jesus Lent who redeems lost and condemned sinners!  That’s the whole point of His being Lord – Lord for you! 


So it’s time to admit it.  To tell the truth!  You are a sinner!  You’ve inherited the Adamic disease and you are profusely good at being your own god!  Your own lord!  Curved in on yourself!  Don’t deny it anymore!  Stop spinning it!  Knock off and die to the: “Well I’m not perfect Reverend but I’m certainly not as bad as …” nonsense!  “All have sinned” against the Lord, declares the Scriptures!  “All”!  What part of “all” don’t you get?


You’re not excluded from the “all have sinned” fact!  Don’t even try to exempt or excuse yourself!  Don’t go there!  In fact, you’ve earned quite a hefty paycheck for being a sinner.  The take-home pay for being a sinner is death!  Eternal death!  Damnation!  Hell!  “Lost and condemned person!”   


You’re no different than the apostles who have a knock down drag out, fisticuffs, bare-knuckle verbal brawl in the middle of Lord Jesus’ drawing up, reading, instituting and bequeathing His last will and testament!  And what were they battling about?  What do you fight about?   Who is the biggest Kingdom of God Cheese!  Seriously!  It goes like this: 


“Thank God I’m not like you Matthew!  You little weasel of a tax cheat!  What a chiseler you are Matthew!  And Judas – Judas – I know why we’re always short of funds.  You dirty little thief!  You’re not buying groceries or donating to the poor!  While I’m at it let me tell you, James and John, a thing or two.  You’re just plain old fishermen who are too big for your britches –out of your league — wanting God to rain fire down from heaven on people you don’t like.  And your mother!  What a piece of work she is!  Trying to finagle positions of power for you in God’s kingdom!  Peter, are you listening?  Good grief!  Who do you think you are?  Some kind of infallible . . .?  I hear you have an appointment at Cohen’s in Jerusalem to get measured for a miter!”  You too pull a 24-7-365 Muhammad Ali:  “I’m the greatest!” and you kick in the teeth of anyone who stands in the way of your prominence! 


That’s when Judas goes to work.  In the dark!  For dark cruel deeds!  An apostle becomes an instrument or tool of the devil! Treachery.  Infidelity.  Cuts a quick deal to hand over Lord Jesus for some cash!  Money talks!  You know it does!  Even to and with you!  What’s your price?  I’ll bet you have one!  And it probably wouldn’t be much more than Judas’ blood money!      


You’ll even pull a Peter if given the chance:  “No thanks Jesus!  Put that towel away.  Don’t get near me with that bowl of water!  I know you mean well and all … but I really don’t think all this servant stuff of your is necessary.  I’m quite all right!”      


But don’t you see?  Don’t you realize who you are?  Yes, that’s right!  A sinner!  A dead damned one at that!  Lost and condemned!  Who must be died for!  Saved!  “You know … that the Son of Man will be given over to be crucified.”  For you and for your salvation – for your redemption – you lost and condemned person! 


That’s what Lord Jesus is up to!  To serve!  Not to be served!  He is the Servant!  “I am among you as one who serves!”


His hour has come!  The greatest and most important time in the history of the world!  The apex of the universe!  The biggest decision that has even been made in your life, namely, that Jesus decided, in love, to GIVE HIS LIFE INTO DEATH FOR YOU! 


Lenten Lord Jesus’ “hour has come” to give His life as a ransom for many!  To reconcile the world to God the Father!  To atone for all sin and every sinner no matter how bad!  No matter how reprehensible and horrible!  Even Judas!  Some might say that Jesus was really quite reckless and irresponsible – squandering His “service” on the one who bitterly betrayed Him! 


“It is the one to whom I shall give the piece of bread after I have dipped it.”  Jesus identifies the betrayer with these words from Psalm 41:9!  With this psalm He lays bare the utter horror of Judas’ sin.  However, there is more.  Jesus’ words from Psalm 41 also hint at the fact that the Betrayed Lenten Lord Jesus’ service is not squandered or wasted.  Even an apostle who is now the devil’s man cannot undo His divine service to sinners!  The rest of the psalm goes like this:  “I know that you are pleased with me, for my enemy does not triumph over me,” (Psalm 41:11).  Indeed!  Satan cannot win!  Even though he tries his worst!   


“All” have sinned.  You too!  So Lenten Lord Jesus does an “all”

— an all encompassing, “once for all” time and “once for all” people-at-the-end-of-the-ages-doing-away-with-sin-sacrifice! 


He calvaries you!  He good fridays you with the one and only death that counts before God!  There Jesus audaciously dares to, “take away the sins of many people,” (Hebrews 9:26-28).  Yours too!


He “tastes death for everyone,” (Hebrews 2:9)!  Drinks the cup of God’s wrath.  Empties it!  For you!  In your place!  As your substitute!  He takes the wages or paycheck you deserved.  He suffers the damnation you earned.  “My God, my God, why have you forsaken Me?” (Matthew 27:46) He cries bearing all your sin and all its condemnation from God’s wrath!


There’s a Lord for ya!  The Lord Jesus – FOR YOU!  Who has redeemed you a lost and condemned person!  He did it by doing a Good Friday! “You know … that the Son of Man will be given over to be crucified.” 


Handed over and crucified indeed!  He died!  Really He did!  And that graveyard death of Lord Jesus put into effect His last will and testament that He instituted on the night He was betrayed. 


The endowment of His last will and testament consists of simple, ordinary bread and wine to eat and drink but with the PROMISE that the bread you eat is His body and that the cup of wine your drink is His blood!


What body?  Well, the only body He has!  The body born of the Virgin Mary!  The body that suffered under Pontius Pilate!  The body that died on the cross!  The body that was buried graveyard dead in a borrowed tomb!  The body that rose from the dead and the body that sits at the Father’s right hand in glory!  THAT BODY! 


What blood?  Well, the only blood He has.  The blood that was pumped by His heart and flowed through His arteries.  The blood that gushed from His wounds as a result of His horrific suffering and brutal death on the cross!  The blood that stained the cross and moistened the earth!


God’s divine body!  God’s divine Blood!  In the one person of the man Jesus!  Freely and lovingly given into death to win and achieve salvation FOR YOU!  To redeem you a lost and condemned person!  To cleanse you from your sin!    


Yes, Lord Jesus gives you His body and His blood in the Lord’s Supper with a divine pledge and promise:  “given for you . . . shed for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins.”


Did you hear that?  Believe this too!  You are forgiven!  Died for!  Bodied and Bloodied in the Sacrament with Lord Jesus’ body and blood that has atoned for all your sin!    


You were once “lost.”  But now you are found!  Redeemed!  You were once “condemned.”  But now you are freely forgiven. 


Jesus says so!  It is His promise!  He does not lie!


In the Name of Jesus.    

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