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The Nativity of Our Lord / Christmas Day

December 25, 2008

The Nativity of Our Lord / Christmas Day                           
25 December 2008                                       

                                                                                         + Jesu Juva +

St. John 1:1-14

Seen God lately?  If so, where?  How did you get to Him?  Did you climb a stairway to heaven?  Perhaps it was a ladder?  And when you peaked your head through the clouds what did you see?  Wasn’t God was it?  Did you try the space shuttle?  Really?  And what did you find in outer space?  Did you find God? 

That’s what I thought.  Nice try.  Don’t try to play blind man’s bluff with God.  You won’t win. 

God is not far away.  He is very close.  So close He is in the muck and more of our lives, that His skin steams.  The skin and flesh of the Baby Jesus that is.  He is the eternal Word.  He has taken on our flesh and bones.  God dwells among us stinking rotten sinners in the Body of the Baby Jesus.  He comes to justify the ungodly.

Look!  There is God!  Where He puts Himself for you and for your salvation.  In the Baby that plays on the lap of the Virgin.  The Baby that nurses from her breasts.  The Baby the shepherds visit.  The Baby that the Magi worship and give gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.      

The Word becomes flesh and dwells among us in order to take our sin in His Body and answer for it.  Name the sin.  He bore it on the cross.  Even the sin we can’t name or even remember.  Word made flesh Jesus is made to be sin as He bears all sin in His Body on the tree.  And so He is cursed.  Damned.  In our place.  

Behold the light of divinity shines in the Body of the Baby Jesus.  The Body of Jesus hanging dead on the cross.  The Body of Jesus freshly risen from the grave!

There is God!  For you!  For your salvation.

But where is He now? 

Do you go to Him? 

He comes to you again.  Mangers Himself in His Word of promise.  He speaks to you in His Word.  Dwells among you graciously in His Word of promise.  And what does He say?

“You are forgiven.  I took on your flesh and blood in order to die for you.  God is not angry with you.   I baptized you at the font.  Put My Name on you.  And even more.  Here’s My last will and testament that went into effect for you when I died.  With the bread . . . My Body.  With this wine . . . My Blood.  My gift to you.  And My forevermore reliable promise that you are forgiven and heaven is yours now.”

Have a Merry Christmas.

In the Name of Jesus.

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