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First Sunday Advent

November 30, 2008

First Sunday in Advent                                         Trinity Lutheran Church
30 November 2008                                        Murdock, NE

+ Jesu Juva +

St. Mark 11:1-10

Who does this Jesus think He is?  Good grief!  Tells His disciples:  “Go into town.  You’ll find a colt there.  Untie it and bring it to me.”

Doesn’t Jesus know the Seventh Commandment?  You shall not steal?  And here Jesus stands saying:  “Go into town.  Untie the colt and bring it to me.”

Someone call the police!  Get a deputy sheriff over here now!  Jesus would steal a colt that doesn’t belong to Him.

But it does belong to Him.  All things belong to Him.  He created the universe.  Made you and all creatures.  And that includes this colt.  No wonder He then says:  “And if anyone asks, ‘Why are you doing this?’ just say, ‘The Lord has need of it;’ and immediately the owner will gladly let you have the colt.” 

The Lord would use a colt.  Why?  To carry Him into Jerusalem.  He comes to Jerusalem.  As King.  The Davidic King who goes to die.  To justify the ungodly. 

He comes.  He comes.  He comes.  Advent means just that.

He comes to sinners who are dead in their sins.  We cannot come to Him.  Adam and Eve ran and hid in the bushes.  He came to them.  Israel rejected God’s promises.  And yet the Lord came to them.  Prophet after prophet sent to call her back to Himself in contrition and faith.  The prophets always pointed to the promised Messiah King – Immanuel – Root of Jesse – the LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS – who would come and free Israel, you, and me from sin’s damnation and reconcile us to the Father. 

Behold, here He is!  Riding into Jerusalem.  He will die there.  He is the sacrifice that atones for the sin of the world.

Advent leads to Good Friday.  The cry and prayer of the crowds who see Him riding on the colt are answered.  “Hosanna,” means, “Lord, please save now!”  He does.  Salvation’s job is done by Him.  He saves because He shed His Blood that covers your sin.  His Blood that cleanses you from sin’s pollution.  His Blood which holies you for entrance into His most holy gracious presence.

That Jesus would come and do that for you is the most stupefying, wonderful thing!  That He would come to die for you is your salvation.  He comes.  He comes to serve.  To give His life into death. 

Now He is risen from the dead.  He reigns from His Father’s right hand.  And still He comes.  He comes in water to the child.  Cleanses the child from sin with His pardoning grace and shows the Father’s kindly face.  He did that for you at your Baptism. 

He comes to you in bread and wine.  To give Himself and gifts divine.  Forgiveness, life, and salvation. 

Jesus comes.  Advent is the time where you learn once again how to receive Him.  Time to let His Word have its way with you.  Refocus your life on Jesus who comes in the Name of the Lord.  A season to intentionally take the time to receive His gifts in preaching and His Supper. 

Jesus comes.  He comes at Bethlehem.  He comes to Jerusalem.  He comes to you.  With His words and with His Body and Blood.  For your salvation.  “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!” 

In the Name of Jesus.     

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