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Good Friday

March 21, 2008

Good Friday                                 Trinity Lutheran Church
21 March 2008                            Murdock, NE

+ Jesu Juva +   

John 19:30  “It is finished.”

“It is finished.” Then the Lord Jesus bows His thorn-crowned bloody head and dies.  

He’s finished.  Mission accomplished.  Job well done.  Nothing more can be done to answer for your sins.  The Lord Jesus Christ has died.  Nothing can be added to His once for all Calvary sacrifice. The salvation job is done.

Then why do you live as if Jesus hasn’t died?  As if He never said, “It is finished?”  Why do insist on trying to atone for your sins when that job’s been done?  Why do you live as if there never was a Good Friday? 

What sins do you have?  Plenty.  More than you can count or keep track of.  More than you can confess.  Sins that you hate.  Sins you’re ashamed of.  Sins that you love.  Hold on to with all your heart.  Sins that you can’t stop.   

Then there is the endless tyrannical toil of trying to answer for them.  Atone for them yourselves.  Make up for your mistakes.  It’s never ending.  Always unfinished business.  As if Jesus has done nothing. Contradicting His “It is finished.” 

Put away your guns.  Put down your dukes.  You are reconciled to God.  He is not your enemy.  God’s not in any kind of mood to have it out with you.  For you today hangs the crucified and dead Son of God, Jesus the Christ.  Counted with A World Full Of Sinners Jesus.  The With His Stripes You Are Healed Jesus.  The Jesus who knew no sin but was made to be sin for you. 

Behold!  See how God treats all sin and every sinner.  Look no further than Jesus — dead on the Cross.  Carries the sin of the world in His Body.  Answers for it all.  He is damned.  Cursed.  In your place.  Mine.  The world’s. 

What else is there to do?  Can you add anything to Christ’s bitter suffering?  His excruciating death?  Would you dare to say to Jesus?  “That’s a nice start Man.  Now with your help, of course, I can take care of the rest!”  Judas couldn’t trust Jesus for forgiveness.  “Take care of your sins yourself,” his silver lined pockets pastors told him.  And he did.  His “do it yourself” religion led him to despair and a rope around his neck. 

What part of “It is finished” don’t you understand?  Or have a hard time believing?  Listen!  I’m here to tell you that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.  All things in heaven and earth are at peace with God the Father through the Body and Blood of Jesus sacrificed on the Cross.  Atonement’s made.  All sin is forgiven.   

Yes, that’s right.  All.  What sin didn’t Jesus die for?  What sin of yours isn’t included in His It Is Finished Death?  . . . Well?  That’s right.  None.  The Father doesn’t count any of your sin against you.  He refuses.  Because Jesus His Son died for you.

“Good” Friday.  Truly.  Absolutely.  Salvation achieved.  Salvation done.  

From Palm Sunday to Good Friday:  six days.  After His work of winning salvation in those six days, the Lord Jesus rests.  In the tomb.  Holy Saturday.  What’s He’s done is “very good.”  And then after that . . .  well, that’s getting ahead.

I’ll see you then, the day of our Lord’s Resurrection.  The new creation Day.  Jesus, our Paschal Lamb has set us free.  Free to rest in Him and His perfect work as His creatures to be of some good in this world for others.  “It is finished.”  Indeed it is!       

Happy Good Friday! 

In the Name of Jesus. 

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