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Haertel/Huebner Wedding

September 9, 2007

Saturday of Pentecost 14          Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church       
8 September 2007                      North Platte, NE
Wedding:  Chris Haertel & Lyndee Huebner

+ Jesu Juva +

Genesis 2:18-24

Well, there’s Adam.  Created by the Lord. 

Adam trusts the Lord.  Relies on the Lord.  Receives what the Lord gives.  Faith.

The Lord has good use for Adam.  Names the animals.  Caretaker of the garden and the animals. 

But the animals only go so far.  No helper suitable for Adam from the beasts, birds, and fish.  Like Chris, I’m sure Adam liked to fish.  I wonder what kind of lures he made.  And I wonder what kind of boat he’d make.  But there’s more to life than fishing.  Even for Adam.     

The Lord has another gift for Adam.  A gift that brings him greater joy than any beast, bird, or fish.  What in the world could that be?  From Adam’s own side the Lord makes for him a woman.  Eve.  A wife.  A helper suitable for him. 

Eve is not an animal!  She is “woman for she was taken out of man.”  Adam loves his bride as he loves himself.  “Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh,”  Eve is.  His life on earth is now complete and full.  Why?  Because Adam is given a life in which he lives for someone else.  He will live not for himself, BUT FOR HIS WIFE.  Take care of her as he would care for his own body.  He lives only for her.  Just for her.  For her needs.  For her well being.  For her delight.  She’s to die for!  Now that’s headship!  That’s the authority of being a husband in holy marriage.

Eve’s a keeper.  No need to throw her back. “Bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.”

With a husband like that – a man who’d give his life for her — Eve willingly orders her life to Adam as his wife.  He’s a keeper.  Won’t throw him back.  At her wedding Eve purposely makes the choice that she will not live as a liberated woman.  Her life has order.  She has a head:  her husband Adam.  So she lives FOR HIM, not for herself.  She’s the suitable helper.  And with that comes respect for Adam who will love her as his wife.  This is the life of love born from faith in the Lord who gives good gifts.

“For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and be united to his wife and they will become on flesh.”    

Chris and Lyndee have done the dating thing.  Dating: nothing else than a catch and release program.  And they’re through with that!  They’ve each found a keeper.  And today they promise with the Lord’s help to never throw one or the other back.

Chris, your wedding gift to Lyndee today is your promise to be the faithful head of this marriage and family.  Lyndee, your wedding gift to Chris today is your promise to be the faithful body of this marriage and family. 

What does that mean?  Two things.  Faith towards God and fervent, faithful love for each other as man and woman, husband and wife.

You are died for.  Good Fridayed.  Your sins are forgiven for Jesus’ sake.  You are baptized in Christ’s Name.  Why?  For faith in Jesus and love for each other. 

The Lord Jesus has good use for you Chris.  To be a man.  To be a husband.  The head.  Headship isn’t dictatorship.  It’s about loving Lyndee as the unique woman that she is.  There’s none like her.  No one can compare. 

She’s your wife.  Bone of your bones.  Flesh of your flesh.  To live out that one flesh union where the two of you can be naked and not ashamed.  For you to love and to cherish until death parts you.  To love her as Christ loved the church and gave his life for her.  Living only for her.  Listening to her when she pours out her heart to you.  Paying attention to her body language.  After all, she’s not a beast, bird, fish, or man!  She’s a woman!  With estrogen and all those sensitive nerve connections in the brain.  As her husband your and your needs do not come first.

The Lord Jesus has good use for you Lyndee.  To be a woman.  To be a wife.  The body of the marriage.  Ordering your life freely to help Chris in this dog eat dog world where the testosterone rages.  To respect him no matter how beat up and frazzled he is when he comes home at night.  To bear his children and to receive them as gifts from the Lord.  Living not for yourself.  But for him as husband. 

And whenever you fail, whenever you sin against each other, you a divine call to speak all the more to each other.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Not the silent treatment.  Not the sleeping on the couch.  Not going home to mother’s for a couple of weeks.  You are called by God to speak to each other!  To confess your sin to each other and then to forgive each other in Jesus’ Name. 

Besides the quiet and wonderful pillow talk of “I love you,” there are three other words I beg you to say to each other routinely and recklessly.  What are they?  “I FORGIVE YOU.”   For in those words the Lord Jesus mediates between the two of you.  In the Word of forgiveness He lords His death and resurrection over your lives and your sin.  In the words “I forgive you,” He centers your faith squarely in Him as the Savior and then He orders your life and love for each other in His forgiveness.

In a few minutes we’ll rejoice in you two being married.  This is one of God’s very good things.  It goes all the back to the beginning of everything.  We want you to have a long and happy run.  For that we will implore God’s blessing and then a little later raise our glasses in congratulations to you both:  Chris and Lyndee — husband and wife for life!

Happy Wedding Day!  In the Name of Jesus. 

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