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Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 19, 2005

Fourth Sunday in Advent                         Trinity Lutheran Church
18 December 2005                                   Murdock, NE

+ Jesu Juva +

Luke 1:26—38

How does it happen that Mary is pregnant?  How is the Baby Jesus conceived in her womb? Is her fiancée Joseph responsible?  No.  Even though they’re engaged, they haven’t had the wedding, honeymoon or established a home quite yet. The Christianity haters, conspiracy kooks, and The Da Vinci Code lovers would have you believe a Roman soldier had his way with Mary.  But that’s not true.  She’s been with no man.  Mary is a virgin.  And yet a baby boy named Jesus is conceived in her body.

How can that be?  Humanly speaking it is impossible.  Nothing’s impossible with God, however.  Alright, so how does Mary get pregnant? 

The virgin gets pregnant through her ears!  The Word of the Lord is spoken into her ears by archangel Gabriel.  He’s the Lord’s messenger.  He’s only there to speak the Lord’s Word.  That Word put into her ear holes gets her pregnant.

And the Lord’s Word is full of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit works in tandem with the Lord’s Word.  When the Lord’s Word is going on, the Holy Spirit is going on.  When the Holy Spirit is going on, the Word of the Lord is going on.  No Holy Spirit — no Word of the Lord.  No Word of the Lord — no Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you” Gabriel says.  You’d expect this coming and overshadowing to be a big show.  An earthquake perhaps.  Lightning and thunder.  No. 

Just words.  The Spirited Word of the Lord spoken in Mary’s ears by the archangel.  The Holy Spirit’s coming and the Most High’s overshadowing of Mary takes place through the Word put in hear ear holes. 

And the Lord’s Word spoken from Gabriel’s mouth does what it says.  Baby Jesus is conceived.  The Virgin Mary is pregnant.  Not by a man.  But by the Holy Spirit.  So we confess in the Apostles’ Creed that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Conceived by the Holy Spirit Baby Jesus is quite a baby.  Like no other baby.  He is the Son of the Most High.  In other words, Jesus is the Son of God.  He’s God Himself.  The Second Person of the Holy Trinity.   Begotten of the Father from eternity.

He’s also a true human being.  True man.  Born of the Virgin Mary.  The descendant of King David from the Old Testament.   

Baby Jesus.  Conceived by the Holy Spirit.  True God and true man. 

Why?  To be our king.  To reign as our king.  As Old Testament King David’s greater Son.  For eternity.  For ever as King.   

His throne?  A manger crib.  A wooden Cross.  God-Man-King Jesus lords His death over our sin.  Lords His death over our death.  Lords His death over the devil’s accusations against us.

Behold King Jesus.  Conceived in Mary’s womb.  Baptized in the Jordan.  Crown of thorns on His head.  Nailed to the Tree.  Carrying the sin of the world in His Body.  Answering for it all.  For you.  For the forgiveness of all your sins.  He speaks His Holy Spirited Word of forgiveness into your ears.  Into your hearts. 

Mary says:  “I’m the Lord’s servant.  May it be to me as you have said Gabriel.”   

Mary believes.  Do you?  Of course you do.  Only in Jesus, God-man King Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit.  Born of the Virgin Mary.  For Mary.  For Joseph.  For you and me.  For your salvation.

Thank you Jesus.  Thank you.  We believe in you.

Have a Happy Christmas.   

In the Name of Jesus.

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